Amongst the tears, the love and the many laughs that we capture during our wedding shoots, we try to be as discreet as possible. The beauty of shooting destination weddings is being able to immerse yourself in the new surroundings, gathering inspiration from all your senses. The sounds and smells, those beautiful pastil colours you only see during a late summer evening in the Tuscan hills or that fresh mountain air you get in the Swiss Alps. What ever the location, you can be sure we’re taking it all in to transform your wedding day into a lasting visual memory.

We didn’t have to do much thinking as we were soon told that they wanted to summit a mountain 3320m high in full wedding attire, wedding dress and all.

Jen + Richard // Verbier Wedding

Before I go into details I must say that Jen and Richard were a dream couple for Moveu media. They wanted us to capture the day naturally as it un folded but also wanted us to create something a bit different for them. We didn’t have to do much thinking as we were soon told that they wanted to summit a mountain 3320m high in full wedding attire, wedding dress and all.  They then wanted to  jump off the top of a mountain via paraglider. These are not your normal type of shooting request but as you can imagine, being such mountain lovers ourselves we were quite literally jumping at the idea with them.

Verbier is a ski resort located in the Swiss Alps, famous for its steep ski terrain and breathtaking glacial views. During the summer it becomes everything you’d imagine a picturesque swiss alpine town to be. Lush rolling meadows full of the gentle sound of swiss cows and their bells. All this set against a dramatic backdrop of gigantic white mountain tops. It really is a dream for any photographer or videographer.

They chose this destination as both have a real love for the outdoors and shared many a happy holiday out there over the years.  They chose to seal the knot at Caban du Mont Fort situated at 2457m. This traditional mountain hut boasts jaw dropping views across the swiss Valais and could only be accessed via gondola then a 1 hour long hike. The reception was located In the Savoleyres area at the Marlenz restaurant an equally breathtaking spot with views that looked over the resort of Verbier.

We always work closely with the photographer, on this occasion we were lucky enough to partner up with the extremely talented Melody Sky, all photo credits go to her I must say. The planning and design by the wonderful people at AboveandBeyond.

Due to the locations I decided to go for a light camera set up. One large rucksack would allow me to carry a 2 camera set up for the ceremony plus a hand held gimbal and Mavic Pro 2 drone for all the b-roll I planned on shooting up there. The film was actually shot over three separate days. The wedding day followed by a mountain climbing day and then the grand finale, paragliding down the valley.

What a pleasure it was to shoot Jen and Richards wedding for them. Such warm and friendly couple that were clearly meant to be. Thank you for letting us shoot your beautiful day.