The clue is in the name we move audiences to action through compelling visual stories. We work with brands, athletes and events of all nature. Our primary objective is to develop and deliver creative video and photo campaigns that go beyond expectation.
We produce content that can be used across the range of social platforms and screen sizes. We understand that content needs to be adaptable to engage with people. Thats why when we deliver to our clients, they are given a toolbox of platform specific content designed around the brands marketing objectives.
Moveu media was born in the Swiss alps. It’s been cultivated by like minded creatives who all share the same passion for what we do. We produce creative content, we are Moveu Media.





Audiences are consuming more media on their phones than anywhere else. As a platform for viewing branded content or entertainment, this should be considered right at the beginning of any campaign strategy. In the creative industry, it’s essential to stay on top of the trends and make our work as platform specific as possible, no matter what device or aspect ratio required.

The recent trend in 9:16 vertical format has been easy for us to adapt to and has many benifits including extra ‘real estate’ for the viewer, the ability to add a ‘swipe up’ or ‘call to action’ that drive the viewer to a landing page to watch more or purchase something. With more then 75% of online content being viewed on a phone, the vertical format isnt going anywhere soon. Content creators must harness all formats in order to appeal to the chosen audience.